Program Overview

Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses is a free online program that has a variety of learning options to meet your needs. It is designed to help internationally-educated Nurses gain communication skills and cultural knowledge which are needed to enter and integrate successfully into healthcare in Canada.  Helping students gain the skills they need to pass CELBAN is a priority, and integrated in all modules. Students are placed into a module according to their current language proficiency.


12 week modules 

These modules are intended for those at a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 6-7 or equivalent.

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Canadian Healthcare Communication (CLB/LINC 6, IELTS 5)

6 week Intensive modules (NEW APRIL 2019!)

These modules are intended for those at a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 8+ or equivalent. (Note if you have successfully completed Module 2, you are eligible to register for either intensive 1 or 2.)

  • Intensive 1 (Formally Module 3) (CLB/LINC 8+, IELTS 7+)

  • Intensive 2 (Formally Module 4)  (CLB/LINC 8+, IELTS 7+)     

All NEW students must complete the Prerequisite course before their registration is confirmed.  


2019 - 2020  Session dates

12 week programs:

  • January 7 - March 22'2019 
  • April 1 - June 21'2019 
  • September 16 - December 6'2019
  • January 6 - March 20'19

6 week programs: 

  • April 1 - May 10'2019
  • May 13 - June 21'2019 
  • September 16 - October 25'2019
  • October 28 - December 6'2019
  • January 6 - February 14'2020
  • February 18 - March 27'2020

Purpose of the Program

The Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses (CCCN) is a program designed to help Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) gain communication and cultural knowledge/skills, which will help IENs enter and integrate into the Nursing field in Canada.

Content and Themes

During the program, you will practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as important strategies that enhance effective communication in the context of Healthcare.

You will also learn about Canadian culture. Throughout the program, language skills are developed in the context of nursing-related themes such as documentation, reporting, history-taking, therapeutic communication, patient-centered care, assertive communication,ethics, etc.

Online Learning

You may be new to online learning, and wonder how this works! Each theme is introduced with weekly online lessons and practice activities. Every week you will complete online lessons/activities and an assessment task, which you will submit to your online instructor for feedback.  For most students this takes 3-5 hrs per week to complete.

Weekly online speaking (CELBAN PREP) classes: Every week you can attend a 1.5 hr online speaking class.  The main objective of these classes is to get students talking. In these classes we inlcude actitivies that help you develop skills needed in the CELBAN and Nursing workplace. We follow the theme that is introduced in the weekly lessons. 

We expect all students to participate actively in their online courses. 

In the CCCN Prerequisite course, you will learn how to submit activities online and connect you with the support you need to get started!

Healthcare Webinars

The CCCN program offers a variety of webinars each session on topics related to healthcare. Webinar topics may include: CELBAN Prep, Indigenous Cultural Awareness, Taking a patient history, Nursing Career Paths, Long-Term Care, Dementia, Effective Reporting, Assertive Communication, Nursing Ethics & Standardized Patient (OSCE) Workshops.

These webinars are supplementary and also open to Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) who are not registered in our 6/12 week sessions. 

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Note: If you have already filled out a registration form, do not fill out another one. If you would like to request registration in a certain module/webinars, please contact Kristina Kiciuk: 


  • January 7 - March 22'2019 
  • April 1 - June 21'2019 
  • September 16 - December 6'2019
  • January 6 - March 20'19
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